Table of Contents
Volume No. 1Sheet No.
Part I: Overview
      Table of ContentsSection 1
      Preliminary StatementSection 2
      MapSection 3
      Points of ContactSection 4
Part II: Statement of Rates
      Service RatesSection 1
          Production Area RatesSection 1.1
          Texas RatesSection 1.2
          New Mexico RatesSection 1.3
          Arizona RatesSection 1.4
          Nevada RatesSection 1.5
          California RatesSection 1.6
          Lateral Facilities and System-wide Balancing and Storage RatesSection 1.7
          Firm Small Shipper Service RatesSection 1.8
          Interruptible and PAL RatesSection 1.9
      Charge/Penalty RatesSection 2
      Fuel and L&U RatesSection 3
      FootnotesSection 4
      Statement of Negotiated RatesSection 5
Part III: Rate Schedules
      FT-1 Firm Transportation ServiceSection 1
      FT-2 Firm Transportation ServiceSection 2
      FT-H Hourly Firm Transportation ServiceSection 3
      FTH-V Small Shipper Firm Hourly Transportation- Virtual AreaSection 4
      FDBS Firm Daily Balancing ServiceSection 5
      NNTD No-Notice Transportation Service-DailySection 6
      NNTH No-Notice Transporation Service-HourlySection 7
      IT-1 Interruptible Transportation ServiceSection 8
      IHSW Interruptible Hourly Swing ServiceSection 9
      ISS Interruptible Storage ServiceSection 10
      PAL Interruptible Parking and Lending ServiceSection 11
      OPAS Operator Point Aggregation ServiceSection 12
Part IV: General Terms And Conditions
      DefinitionsSection 1
      MeasurementSection 2
      QualitySection 3
      Requests for ServicesSection 4
      Service ConditionsSection 5
      Nominations and Scheduling ProceduresSection 6
      Responsibility for Gas and ProductsSection 7
      Operating ProvisionsSection 8
      Capacity Release ProgramSection 9
      Imbalance ManagementSection 10
      System Operational ParametersSection 11
      Billing and PaymentsSection 12
      Fuel and L&USection 13
      PenaltiesSection 14
      Revenue Sharing MechanismSection 15
      Reservation Charge CreditSection 16
      Annual Charge Adjustment SurchargeSection 17
      WaiversSection 18
      Descriptive HeadingsSection 19
      Electronic Bulletin BoardSection 20
      Affiliate-Related InformationSection 21
      Adverse Claims to Natural GasSection 22
      Compliance with 18 CFR, Section 284.12Section 23
      TaxesSection 24
      Indemnification/LiabilitySection 25
      Complaint ProceduresSection 26
      Miscellaneous SurchargesSection 27
      ReservedSection 28
      ReservedSection 29
      ReservedSection 30
      ReservedSection 31
      ReservedSection 32
      ReservedSection 33
      ReservedSection 34
      ReservedSection 35
      ReservedSection 36
      Article 11.2 ProvisionsSection 37
Part V: Form of Service Agreement
      Rate Schedule FT-1Section 1
      Rate Schedule FT-2Section 2
      Rate Schedule FT-HSection 3
      Rate Schedule FTH-VSection 4
      Rate Schedule FDBSSection 5
      Rate Schedule NNTDSection 6
      Rate Schedule NNTHSection 7
      Rate Schedule IT-1Section 8
      Rate Schedule IHSWSection 9
      Rate Schedule ISSSection 10
      Rate Schedule PALSection 11
      Rate Schedule OPASSection 12
Part VI: Graphical Illustrations
      North/South System MapSection 1
Part VII: Non-Conforming Agreements
      Anadarko Energy Services Company #FT3GQ000Section 1
      El Paso Marketing Company LLC #FT3AF000Section 2
      ConocoPhillips Company #FT276000Section 3
      Navajo Tribal Utility Authority #FT2AN000Section 4
      City of Las Cruces, NM #FT2AJ000Section 5
      City of Mesa, AZ #FT2AE000Section 6
      Comision Federal de Electricidad #FT3CM000Section 7
      El Paso Electric Company #H6223000Section 8
      EWM P1, LLC #FT3FM000Section 9
      Atmos Energy CorporationSection 10
      Duncan Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. #982JSection 11
      AEPCO Letter AgreementSection 12
      Mex Gas Supply, S.L. #FT2QQ000Section 13
      Arizona Electric Power Cooperative #FT3EH000Section 14
      Arizona Electric Power Cooperative #FT3EJ000Section 15
      Mex Gas Supply, S.L. #FT2GZ000Section 16
      Arizona Electric Power Cooperative #H222V000Section 17
      Arizona Electric Power Cooperative #H822F000Section 18
      Comision Federal de Electricidad #FT3DP000Section 19
      Mex Gas Supply, S.L. #FT3EV000Section 20
      Comision Federal de Electricidad #FT3DM000Section 21
      Mexicana de Cobre #FT399000Section 22
      Mexicana de Cobre #FT369000Section 23
      Southwest Gas Corporation #FT28M000Section 24
      Arizona Public Service Company Letter AgreementSection 25
      Arizona Public Service Company #FT3HX000Section 26
      Arizona Public Service Company #FT39H000Section 27
      Arizona Public Service Company #H822E000Section 28
      Arizona Public Service Company #FT39D000Section 29
      Arizona Public Service Company #FT39E000Section 30
      Southern California Gas Company Letter AgreementSection 31
      Southern California Gas Company#9RBXSection 32
      Southern California Gas Company#FT2UD000Section 33
      Southern California Gas Company#FT37H000Section 34
      Southern California Gas Company#FT37J000Section 35
      Southern California Gas Company#FT323000Section 36
      Southern California Gas Company#FT3A2000Section 37
      Tucson Electric Power Company Letter AgreementSection 38
      Tucson Electric Power Company #FT3AC000Section 39
      Tucson Electric Power Company #H222Q000Section 40
      Tucson Electric Power Company #H222R000Section 41
      UNS Gas, Inc. Letter AgreementSection 42
      UNS Gas, Inc. #FT3AB000Section 43
      UNS Gas, Inc. #H222P000Section 44
      UNS Gas, Inc. #H3229000Section 45
      Texas Gas Service Company #H322A000Section 46
      Salt River Project Letter AgreementSection 47
      Salt River Project #H222T000Section 48
      Salt River Project #OA237000Section 49
      Texas Gas Service Company Letter AgreementSection 50
      Texas Gas Service Company #FT3CP000Section 51
      Texas Gas Service Company #H322B000Section 52
      Texas Gas Service Company #OA232000Section 54
      City of Plains, Texas Letter AgreementSection 55
      City of Plains, Texas #FX225000Section 56
      City of Morton, Texas Letter AgreementSection 57
      City of Morton, Texas #FX226000Section 58
      City of McLean, Texas Letter AgreementSection 59
      City of McLean, Texas #FX223000Section 60
      City of Denver City, Texas Letter AgreementSection 61
      City of Denver City, Texas #FX227000Section 62
      City of Whiteface, Texas Letter AgreementSection 63
      City of Whiteface, Texas #FX222000Section 64
      City of Dumas, Texas Letter AgreementSection 65
      City of Dumas, Texas #FX224000Section 66
      Village of Corona, NM Letter AgreementSection 67
      Village of Corona, NM #FX229000Section 68
      Town of Mountainair, NM Letter AgreementSection 69
      Town of Mountainair, NM #FX228000Section 70
      City of Lordsburg, NM Letter AgreementSection 71
      City of Lordsburg, NM #FX22B000Section 72
      E.M.W. Gas Association Letter AgreementSection 73
      E.M.W. Gas Association #FX22A000Section 74
      ConocoPhillips Company Letter AgreementSection 75
      ConocoPhillips Company #FT3E9000Section 76
      ConocoPhillips Company #FT3EA000Section 77
      ConocoPhillips Company #FT3EB000Section 78
      Public Service Company of New Mexico Letter Agreement Section 79
      Public Service Company of New Mexico #FT3EQ000Section 80
      Public Service Company of New Mexico #FT3ER000Section 81
      Public Service Company of New Mexico #FT3ET000Section 82
      Public Service Company of New Mexico #FT3EU000Section 83
      Public Service Company of New Mexico #H222W000Section 84
      Public Service Company of New Mexico #H222X000Section 85
      New Mexico Gas Company, Inc. Letter AgreementSection 86
      New Mexico Gas Company, Inc #FT3FV000Section 87
      New Mexico Gas Company, Inc #FT3FW000Section 88
      New Mexico Gas Company, Inc #FT3FX000Section 89
      New Mexico Gas Company, Inc #FT3FY000Section 90
      Comision Federal de Electricidad #FT3H4000Section 91
      Arizona Public Service Company #H822G000Section 92
      GIGO Transport, Inc. #FT3HB000Section 93
      Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. Letter AgreementSection 94
      Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. #FT3HH000Section 95
      Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. #FT3HJ000Section 96
      Arizona Public Service Company #OA239000Section 97