Table of Contents
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Title Page0
Table of Contents1
Preliminary Statement2
Map of System3
Summary of Rates and Charges
      Currently Effective Rates4.0
      ACA Unit Charge4.1
Transportation Rate Schedules
      FSS - Firm Storage Service5.1
      ISS - Interruptible Storage Service5.2
      IWS - Interruptible Wheeling Service5.3
      FWS - Firm Wheeling Service5.4
      MARC I FTS - Firm Transportation Service5.5
      MARC I ITS - Int. Transportation Service5.6
      FTS-2 - Firm Transportation Service5.7
      ITS-2 - Int. Transportation Service5.8
      PAL - Int. Park and Loan5.9
General Terms And Conditions
      Request for Service6.2
      Storage / Wheeling / Transportation Service6.3
      Nominations, Scheduling and Allocation6.4
      Measurement and Measurement Equipment6.6
      Billing and Payment6.8
      Force Majeure6.9
      Priority of Service Requests and Service Agreements6.10
      Internet Website6.13
      Responsibility for Associated Transportation6.14
      Title Transfers of Gas in Storage6.15
      Operational Flow Orders6.16
      Off-System Capacity6.17
      Penalty Revenue Crediting6.18
      Capacity Release6.19
      NAESB Standards6.20
Forms of Service Agreements
      Firm Storage - FSS7.1
      Interruptible Storage - ISS7.2
      Interruptible Wheeling - IWS7.3
      Firm Wheeling - FWS7.4
      Firm Transportation - MARC I FTS7.5
      Interruptible - MARC I ITS7.6
      Firm Transportation - FTS-27.7
      Interruptible - ITS-27.8
      Master Park and Loan - PAL7.9
Non-Conforming Agreements8