General Terms And Conditions
      ProvisionsSheet No.
            General Terms and Conditions4.0
            Section 1. Definitions4.1
            Section 2. Inquiries and Conditions for Service; Allocation of Capacity4.2
            Section 3. Quality4.3
            Section 4. Measurement4.4
            Section 5. Measuring Equipment for Vaporized LNG4.5
            Section 6. Receipt and Delivery Points4.6
            Section 7. Pressure4.7
            Section 8. Liability of Customer and Southern LNG; Allocation of Constrained Capacity4.8
            Section 9. Warranty of Title and Indemnification4.9
            Section 10. Cycling4.10
            Section 11. Installation of Flow Control Equipment4.11
            Section 12. Nominations, Scheduling, and Determination of Deliveries4.12
            Section 13. Billing and Payment4.13
            Section 14. Notices4.14
            Section 15. Pregranted Abandonment of Long-Term, Firm Service Agreements4.15
            Section 16. Customer Release of Firm Capacity4.16
            Section 17. Agency Service4.17
            Section 18. Marketing Affiliates4.18
            Section 19. Complaints4.19
            Section 20. Electronic Communications4.20
            Section 21. Annual Charge Adjustment4.21
            Section 22. NAESB Standards4.22
            Section 23. Operational Flow Orders4.23
            Section 24. Fuel and Electric Power Charge Adjustment4.24
            Section 25. Discounted and Negotiated Rates4.25
            Section 26. Revenue Crediting Mechanism4.26
            Section 27. Miscellaneous4.27
            Appendices to General Terms and Conditions5.0
            Appendix A. Service Request Form5.1
            Appendix B. Nomination Form5.2
            Appendix C. SoNet Premier Agreement5.3
            Exhibit A to Appendix C5.3.1
            Appendix D. Capacity Release Timetables5.4
            Appendix E. LNG Balance Transfer Form5.5