Table of Contents
Volume No. 1Sheet No.
Part I: Overview
      Preliminary StatementSection 2
      MapSection 3
      Points of ContactSection 4
Part II: Statement of Rates
      Service Rates
      Firm Transportation Rate SchedulesSection 1.1
      No Notice Transportation Rate SchedulesSection 1.2
      Transportation-Storage Balancing Rate SchedulesSection 1.3
      Firm Storage Rate SchedulesSection 1.4
      Interruptible Transportation Rate SchedulesSection 1.5
      Interruptible Storage Rate SchedulesSection 1.6
      Interruptible Swing Service Rate SchedulesSection 1.7
      Other Services Rate SchedulesSection 1.8
      SurchargesSection 1.9
      Fuel and L&U RatesSection 2
      FootnotesSection 3
      Statement of Negotiated RatesSection 4
Part III: Rate Schedules
      Firm Transportation Service (TF-1)Section 1
      Firm Transportation Service (TF-4)Section 2
      High Plains FirmTransportation Service - (TF-HP)Section 3
      No-Notice Transportation and Storage Service (NNT-1)Section 4
      No-Notice Transportation and Storage Service (NNT-2)Section 5
      Young Transportation Storage Balancing Service (TSB-Y)Section 6
      Totem Transportation Storage Balancing Service (TSB-T)Section 7
      Firm Storage Service (FS-1)Section 8
      Firm Young Storage Service (FS-Y)Section 9
      Firm Totem Storage Service (FS-T)Section 10
      Interruptible Transportation Service (TI-1)Section 11
      High Plains Interruptible Transportation Service (TI-HP)Section 12
      Parking and Lending Service (PAL-1)Section 13
      Automatic Parking and Lending Service (APAL-1)Section 14
      Interruptible Storage Service (IS-1)Section 15
      Young Interruptible Storage Service (IS-Y)Section 16
      Totem Interruptible Storage Service (IS-T)Section 17
      Interruptible Swing Service (SS-1)Section 18
      High Plains Interruptible Swing Service (SS-HP)Section 19
      Headstation Pooling Service (HSP-1)Section 20
      Cheyenne Station Hub Service (HUB-1)Section 21
      Cheyenne Firm Compression Service (CS-1)Section 22
      General Unbundle Sales Service (S-1)Section 23
      High Plains Interruptible Parking and Lending Service (PAL-HP)Section 24
Part IV: General Terms And Conditions
      DefinitionsSection 1
      MeasurementSection 2
      QualitySection 3
      Requests for ServiceSection 4
      Service ConditionsSection 5
      Nomination and Scheduling ProceduresSection 6
      Responsibility for Gas and ProductsSection 7
      Operating ProvisionsSection 8
      Capacity Release ProgramSection 9
      Imbalance ManagementSection 10
      System Operational ParametersSection 11
      Billing and PaymentSection 12
      Fuel and L&USection 13
      PenaltiesSection 14
      Revenue Sharing MechanismSection 15
      Reservation Charge CreditSection 16
      Annual Charge Adjustment SurchargeSection 17
      WaiversSection 18
      Descriptive HeadingsSection 19
      Electronic Bulletin BoardSection 20
      Affiliate-Related InformationSection 21
      Peak Off-Peak RatesSection 22
      Docket RP11-2107 Settlement ProvisionsSection 23
      TaxesSection 24
      Indemnification/LiabilitySection 25
      Complaint ProceduresSection 26
      WarrantySection 27
      Operational Purchases and SalesSection 28
      Curtailment (NGA Policy of 1978)Section 29
      Specified Delivery PointsSection 30
      Electric Power Costs (EPC)Section 31
      Compliance with 18 CFR, Section 284.12Section 32
      Miscellaneous SurchargesSection 33
Part V: Form of Service Agreement
      Rate Schedule TF-1Section 1
      Rate Schedule TF-4Section 2
      Rate Schedule TF-HPSection 3
      Rate Schedule NNT-1Section 4
      Rate Schedule NNT-2Section 5
      Rate Schedule TSB-YSection 6
      Rate Schedule TSB-TSection 7
      Rate Schedule FS-1Section 8
      Rate Schedule FS-YSection 9
      Rate Schedule FS-TSection 10
      Rate Schedule TI-1Section 11
      Rate Schedule TI-HPSection 12
      Rate Schedule PAL-1Section 13
      Rate Schedule APAL-1Section 14
      Rate Schedule ISSection 15
      Rate Schedule IS-YSection 16
      Rate Schedule IS-TSection 17
      Rate Schedule SS-1Section 18
      Rate Schedule SS-HPSection 19
      Rate Schedule HSP-1Section 20
      Rate Schedule HUB-1Section 21
      Rate Schedule CS-1Section 22
      Rate Schedule PAL-HPSection 23
Part VI: Graphical Illustrations
      NNT and Firm Reservoir Integrity LimitSection 1
      CIG Available Daily InjectionSection 2
      CIG Available Daily WithdrawalSection 3
      Young Available Daily InjectionSection 4
      Young Available Daily WithdrawalSection 5
      Young Reservoir Integrity LimitSection 6
      Totem Daily Injection QuantitySection 7
      Totem Daily Withdrawal QuantitySection 8
      Totem Reservoir Integrity LimitSection 9
Part VII: Non-Conforming Agreements
      Cross Timbers Energy Services, Inc. #33618000Section 1
      Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. #33615000Section 2
      Black Hills Utility Holdings, Inc. #33599000FSection 3
      Black Hills Utility Holdings, Inc. #33629000ASection 4
      Black Hills Utility Holdings, Inc. #33640000Section 5
      Colorado Springs Utilities #33247000Section 6
      Public Service Company of Colorado #31050000Section 7
      Noble Energy, Inc. #33179000Section 8
      DCP Midstream Marketing, LLC #33674000ASection 9
      Anadarko Energy Services Company #33666000Section 10
      DCP Midstream Marketing, LLC #33761000Section 11
      Anadarko Energy Services Company #213006-TF1CIGSection 12