Table of Contents
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Title Page0
Table of Contents1
Preliminary Statement2
Map of System3
Summary of Rates and Charges
      FSS - Firm Storage4.1
      NNSS - No-Notice Storage Service4.2
      FP - Firm Parking Service4.3
      FL - Firm Loan Service4.4
      ISS - Interruptible Storage Service4.5
      IHBS - Interruptible Hourly Balancing Service4.6
      IP - Interruptible Parking Service4.7
      IW - Interruptible Wheeling Service4.8
      IL - Interruptible Loan Service4.9
      EIPS - Enhanced Interruptible Parking Service4.10
      EILS - Enhanced Interruptible Loan Service4.11
      EIWS - Enhanced Interruptible Wheeling Service4.12
      FSS-A - Firm Storage Service Adrian4.13
      FWS - Firm Wheeling Service4.14
      ACA Surcharge4.15
Transportation Rate Schedules
      FSS - Firm Storage Service5.1
      NNSS - No-Notice Storage Service5.2
      FP - Firm Parking Service5.3
      FL - Firm Loan Service5.4
      ISS - Interruptible Storage Service5.5
      IHBS - Interruptible Hourly Balancing Service5.6
      IP - Interruptible Parking Service5.7
      IW - Interruptible Wheeling Service5.8
      IL - Interruptible Loan Service5.9
      IL - Interruptible Loan Service5.10
      EILS - Enhanced Interruptible Loan Service5.11
      EIWS - Enhanced Interruptible Wheeling Service5.12
      FSS-A - Firm Storage Service Adrian5.13
      FWS - Firm Wheeling Service5.14
General Terms And Conditions
      Introductory Statement6.1
      Request for Service6.3
      Capacity Release6.4
      Priority, Interruption of Service and Operation Flow Orders6.5
      Storage Operations6.6
      Wheeling Operations6.7
      Nominations and Scheduling6.8
      Points of Receipt and Points of Delivery6.9
      Pressure and Injection-Withdrawal Rates6.11
      Title and Risk of Loss6.12
      Billings and Payments6.14
      Force Majeure, Reservation Charge Credits6.16
      Fuel Reimbursement6.18
      Gas Title Transfers6.19
      Reserved for Future Use6.20
      Transmission Provider Standards of Conduct6.21
      North American Energy Standards Board6.22
      Joint Obligations6.23
      Non-Discrim. Waiver Tariff Prov. N Non-Waiver Future Default6.24
      Successors in Interest6.26
      Default and Termination6.27
      Policy with Respect to Fees n Construction of New Facilities6.28
      Off-System Capacity6.29
      Creditworthiness - Financial Assurances6.30
      Disposition of Retained Quantities6.31
      Form of Service Request6.32
Forms of Service Agreements
      Firm Storage Service Agreement7.1
      No-Notice Storage Service Agreement7.2
      Firm PAL Service Agreement7.3
      Reserved For Future Use7.4
      Interruptible Storage Service Agreement7.5
      Interruptible Hourly Balancing Service Agreement7.6
      HUB Service Agreement7.7
      Capacity Release Umbrella Agreement7.8
      Firm Storage Service-Adrian Agreement7.9
      Firm Wheeling Service Agreement7.10
      List of Nonconforming Service Agreements7.11
Nonconforming Service Agreements
      NYSEG FSS Agreement8.1
      NYSEG NNSS Agreement8.2
      UGI FSS Agreement8.3
      Dominion FSS Agreement8.4