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TSP/TSP Name:  6900518-SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS CO. Critical: N
Notice Type Desc (1):  TSP CAPACITY OFFERING Notice Type Desc (2):  TSP CAP OFFERING
Notice Eff Date/Time:  09/27/2021 10:50:44AM Notice End Date/Time:  12/31/2049 9:00:00AM
Post Date:  9/27/2021 10:50:44 AM Notice ID: 706085
Reqrd Rsp:  5 Notice Stat Desc:  INITIATE Prior Notice: 
Subject:  Open Season for SS Firm Transportation
Notice Text:

September 27, 2021


To All Southern Natural Gas Company Shippers

RE: Open Season Announced for South System Firm Transportation

This is to announce an open season for bids for approximately 12,500 dth/day short-term firm transportation capacity (“FT”) that is operationally available from November 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022 on the south system of the Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C. ("Southern”) pipeline system.  This capacity is available from receipt pins as far west as those on Segment 410 which includes MS Hub/SNG Simpson County (PIN #609400), SNG/MEP Smith County (PIN #44449) and Gulf South/SNG Smith County (PIN #608100) or TGP Rose Hill (PIN #420546). This capacity is available to delivery pins as far east as Southern's Wrens Compressor Station (Segment 560) for the period November 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022 and only becomes available to pins that are south of the Wrens Compressor Station (Segments 580, 590, 600, 610 and 615) for the period January 1, 2022 through April 31, 2022.


The capacity available to be awarded may not be available in the same increments to all locations along Southern's south system and may not be available along particular laterals or at certain receipt or delivery pins. Please note that this capacity is not available from receipt pins on Southern's north main system. Delivery pins on (i) Southern's north main system, (ii) Segments 500 and 510  north of Thomaston Compressor Station, or (iii) the South Georgia lateral with a flow direction from the south system are not included in this open season. Any bid with a start date earlier than November 1, 2021 or for an ending date later than April 30, 2022 will be rejected. Southern reserves the right to reject any bids at less than maximum tariff rate. 

The open season will commence as of the date and time this notice is posted and end at 4:00 p.m. CCT on October 12, 2021.

Shippers may submit bids to Southern for FT service by completing a standard transportation request form for FT service and emailing it to Please call your account manager if you need an FT Request Form or you can paste the following link in your browser and then click on SNG Service Request.

On the request form, Shippers should indicate the term (start and end date within the date range being offered), quantity (in dth/day), rate, delivery pins, and receipt pins being bid. Only valid requests for service under the terms of Southern's Tariff will be considered. All bids will be considered binding and, if accepted, Southern shall have the right to charge the winning bidder for the capacity awarded under the terms of the bid. The term of the service package will not contain an evergreen provision and the firm capacity available to be awarded will be restricted to a uniform hourly flow rate and deliveries will be at line pressure.  

Southern will award the capacity from bids received during the open season on the basis of net present value (“NPV”) determined with reference to the rate, quantity, term and the date the service is to commence.  Shippers may increase their NPV by bidding to buy supplemental capacity which is available in other locations on the system, such as capacity that is available from receipt pins at the Elba Island LNG Terminal, the SNG-Elba Express Interconnects, or the FGT-Suwanee Interconnect to various delivery pins.  The restriction on the term is only limited to the 12,500 dth/day of operationally available capacity and does not limit the term a shipper may bid on any supplemental capacity in order to increase its net present value. In addition, Shippers currently receiving discounted FT service may increase the NPV of their bids by increasing their discounted rate for a period of time stated by the shipper in its bid.  Please note that offers to extend the term of existing firm contracts will not be utilized as consideration in calculation of the NPV in this open season.

In calculating the net present value, Southern will use a discounted cash flow factor of 10.24%. Southern will have the right to aggregate bids in a manner that generates the highest net present value to Southern.

Comparable winning bids that cannot be awarded in full will be awarded on a pro rata basis. Shippers should indicate in their bids the minimum volume of capacity they are willing to take in the event the full contract quantity of the bid is not available or if Southern must prorate the bids. Shippers should also indicate in their bids if their bid is contingent upon being awarded the full term of the bid or if they will accept a partial term. If a bid is submitted in excess of the available capacity and the bids must be prorated, the bid in excess of the available capacity will be prorated as though the bidder bid for the maximum available capacity to be awarded.

Southern will take no longer than ten (10) business days to award the bids. This open season is subject to the terms of Section 2.1 (b) of the General Terms and Conditions of Southern's Tariff.

If you have any questions regarding the Open Season, please contact your Account Manager.

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