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TSP/TSP Name:  6900518-SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS CO. Critical: N
Notice Type Desc (1):  TSP CAPACITY OFFERING Notice Type Desc (2):  TSP CAP OFFERING
Notice Eff Date/Time:  03/31/2021 9:12:31AM Notice End Date/Time:  12/31/2049 9:00:00AM
Post Date:  3/31/2021 9:12:31 AM Notice ID: 705518
Reqrd Rsp:  5 Notice Stat Desc:  SUPERSEDE Prior Notice:  705443
Subject:  Award of South System Capacity
Notice Text:

March 31, 2021

To All Southern Natural Gas Company Shippers

RE: Award of Firm Transportation (FT)/Expansion Capacity

On February 22, 2021, Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C. ("SNG”) announced an open season to solicit binding bids for firm transportation service ("FT") for expansion capacity on the SNG pipeline system from its interconnection with Tennessee Gas Pipe Line (“TGP”) in Clarke County, MS (receipt pin 420546, TGP/SNG ROSE HILL, Clarke County, MS) to various delivery locations along SNG's South Main Lines.

SNG proposes to build new pipeline facilities (“SNG Expansion”) in order to facilitate this expansion. This open season was subject to a prearranged bid for a portion of the SNG Expansion capacity.

The open season ended on March 17, 2021

Pursuant to the terms of Section 2.1(b) of the General Terms and Conditions of the Southern Natural Tariff, Southern is required to post the winning bid(s) within 24 hours of awarding the capacity.


Because this open season was to obtain commitments as part of an expansion project, some of the bids are still being evaluated to determine whether it is feasible for certain comparable bids that had to be prorated to be included in this expansion under reasonable economic terms.  



Winning Bid(s):


Shipper 1

Volume – 22,000 Dth/day)

Term – 10 years from the in-service date of the expansion

Rate – Negotiated rate equal to the current maximum applicable zone 2 tariff rate





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