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TSP/TSP Name:  6900518-SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS CO. Critical: N
Notice Type Desc (1):  OTHER Notice Type Desc (2):  MISC.
Notice Eff Date/Time:  09/15/2020 9:00:07AM Notice End Date/Time:  12/31/2049 9:00:00AM
Post Date:  9/15/2020 9:00:07 AM Notice ID: 704872
Reqrd Rsp:  5 Notice Stat Desc:  INITIATE Prior Notice: 
Subject:  Oper Sales Notification and Bid Request
Notice Text:

Operational Sales Notification and Request for Bids



Pursuant to Section 14.1(i) of the General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) of the Southern Natural Gas Company (Southern) tariff, Southern is soliciting bids for operational sale of gas quantities on its system.  This operational sale is attributable to the sale of a Dth equivalent quantity of fuel retained by Southern for the cost of electricity used by electric compression.  Pursuant to Tariff Section 35.5 of the GT&C, Southern will sell fuel retained for electricity and credit or debit, as appropriate, the net proceeds to the Deferred Electricity Losses Account as provided in the Tariff.


Based on anticipated operating conditions, Southern expects to have up to 1,896,000 Dth available for sale on its system from 10/1/2020 to 10/31/2020 and is soliciting interest to purchase some or all of this gas.  Southern will accept fixed-priced bids with ratable flows from 10/1/2020 to 10/31/2020 for the purchase of the gas. Evaluations will be made based upon highest revenue (price and volume), in accordance with Section 20 of the GT&C of Southern's Tariff and the ability of Southern to meet the delivery requirements of the bid as determined by Southern in its operational discretion.   Bids of equal value will be awarded on a pro-rata basis.  A successful purchaser(s) will be required to transport the acquired gas from the point(s) of custody transfer.  


Prior to bidding on the purchase of any gas quantities from Southern, the successful bidder(s) must have entered into a NAESB form Purchase and Sales Agreement with Southern and must satisfy Southern's credit requirements in Section 2.1(d) of the GT&C.  Southern is under no obligation to accept any special provisions to the NAESB form Purchase and Sales Agreement and any bid which contains special provisions may be deemed by Southern to be non-responsive.  Southern reserves the right to reject any and all bids that it determines do not meet the requirements of this posting, or to reject any low bids. Southern reserves the right to aggregate bids when multiple bids total less than the posted request.


Bids should indicate the purchasing party, daily quantity, and price per Dth. Custody transfer of the awarded volumes will occur at Southern's Zone 0 South LA Pool. 


Please submit via email to by no later than 10:30 am Central Time on 9/15/2020 and identify the communication as Southern Operational Sales Bid.  Successful bidders will be notified as soon as possible but no later than 10:35 am Central Time on 9/15/2020.


If there are any questions regarding this notice, please contact Caitlin Harris at (713) 420-2915.