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Notice Eff Date/Time:  12/13/2022 11:11:21AM Notice End Date/Time:  12/14/2022 9:00:00am
Post Date/Time:  12/13/2022 11:11:21 AM Notice ID: 203528
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Subject:  Revised PHP Dec Maintenance Schedule
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December Maintenance Update 12/13/2022


During the Coyanosa Compressor Station inspection last week it was determined that one of the units will have to be evaluated and repaired.  Due to limited compression, the total capacity on PHP was reduced to 1,700,000 starting Friday, December 10th through Monday, December 12th.   The scheduled maintenance from Tuesday, December 13th through Friday, December 16th is still on schedule at 1.65 BCF


Starting Saturday, December 17th PHP will be at a reduced capacity of 1,800,000 MMBtu until further notice.  It is anticipated PHP will be at the reduced capacity for several weeks. Once more information becomes available it will be communicated.


Please contact your scheduling or commercial representative if you have any questions or concerns regarding the schedule.