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TSP/TSP Name:  6931794-NATURAL GAS PIPELINE CO. Critical: Y
Notice Type Desc (1):  MAINTENANCE Notice Type Desc (2):  MAINTENANCE
Notice Eff Date/Time:  08/25/2022 5:16:49PM Notice End Date/Time:  09/30/2022 9:00:00am
Post Date/Time:  8/25/2022 5:16:49 PM Notice ID: 43508
Reqrd Rsp:  1 Rsp Date:  08/25/2022
Notice Stat Desc:  INITIATE Prior Notice: 
Notice Text:



As posted on Natural's Outage Impact Report (X22-827718), Natural will be performing pipeline maintenance on its OE#1 line between Compressor Station 156 (CS 156) located in Kiowa County, Oklahoma and Compressor Station 801 (CS 801) located in Carter County, Oklahoma (Segment 2 of Natural's Midcontinent Zone).  This maintenance work will require Natural to reduce its operating capacity in Segment 2 and eastbound through CS 801, as indicated below.  Additionally, this work will require Natural to shut in the locations listed below for the duration of the restriction.


The scheduling constraint will be in Segment 2 on the west side of CS 801; therefore, any gas received west of CS 801 for delivery east of CS 801 and downstream into Segment 15 will be scheduled to Primary Firm and Secondary in-path Firm transports, only, through CS 801.  Shippers with Targa Stephens (LOC 44652) as a primary receipt point on their transport agreement will not be impacted.  AOR/ITS and Secondary out-of-path Firm transports will not be available for the duration of the restriction.  For scheduling purposes, all Amarillo Line pooling points and storage points are located west of the constraint and will be impacted by this restriction if the transports are pathed eastbound through the constraint.  The Midcontinent Pool (LOC 25078) is located west of the constraint.


As such, effective on the gas day as indicated below, the locations listed below are unavailable and, thus, will not be scheduled for the duration of the restriction.  No transport services are available until the work has been completed.




Gas day Tuesday, September 20, 2022, and continuing through gas day Friday, September 23, 2022.




LOC 36381      Will MLP Edwards #2-19 Kiowa

LOC 42181      SGE Sadler Caddo

LOC 44150      Terr Res Finney Caddo

LOC 44375      Terr Res Verna Kiowa

LOC 44620      Terr Res Kuykendall Kiowa

LOC 44621      BRG Hawkins #1-20 Caddo

LOC 901452    Pimexx N.E. Alden Caddo


Please contact your Account Director or Scheduling Representative if you have any questions.