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TSP/TSP Name:  6931794-NATURAL GAS PIPELINE CO. Critical: Y
Notice Type Desc (1):  FORCE MAJEURE Notice Type Desc (2):  FORCE MAJEURE
Notice Eff Date/Time:  09/17/2018 11:29:10AM Notice End Date/Time:  10/17/2018 9:00:00am
Post Date/Time:  9/17/2018 11:29:10 AM Notice ID: 39042
Reqrd Rsp:  1 Rsp Date:  09/17/2018
Notice Stat Desc:  INITIATE Prior Notice: 
Subject:  SEGMENT 8 - FORCE MAJEURE (CS 168)
Notice Text:



Natural has experienced horsepower issues at Compressor Station 168 on the Permian Line in Bailey County, Texas (CS 168), located in Segment 8 of Natural's Permian Zone.  As a result, Natural is required to make needed repairs.  This is a Force Majeure event that will require Natural to temporarily reduce the maximum operating capacity northbound from CS 168 to the intersection of Segment 8 and Segment 10 in Moore County, Texas (herein referred to as the Permian Intersection) during this outage.


The scheduling constraint will be at the end the Permian Intersection.  Any gas received south of the Permian Intersection for delivery north of the Permian Intersection will be impacted.  The Permian Pool (PIN 25077) is located south (upstream) of the constraint.  Additionally, transports associated with storage injections may be impacted.  Any receipt points that are north of CS 168 in Segment 8 will also be impacted.


As such, effective for gas day Wednesday, September 19, 2018, Timely Cycle, and anticipated to continue through gas day Friday, September 21, 2018, Natural will schedule Primary Firm and Secondary in-path Firm transports to no less than 75% of contract MDQ through the Permian Intersection.  Actual nomination levels and changes in pipeline conditions could result in changes to the percentages scheduled (lower or higher) on subsequent gas days.  AOR/ITS and Secondary out-of-path Firm transports continue to not be available for the duration of this outage.


Continue to monitor Natural's interactive website for any updates during this outage.  Please contact your Account Director or Scheduling Representative if you have any questions.