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TSP/TSP Name:  89891472-KM KEYSTONE GAS STORAGE Critical: Y
Notice Type Desc (1):  MAINTENANCE Notice Type Desc (2):  MAINTENANCE
Notice Eff Date/Time:  03/13/2017 9:47:06AM Notice End Date/Time:  12/31/2049 9:00:00AM
Post Date:  3/13/2017 9:47:06 AM Notice ID: 116442
Reqrd Rsp:  1 Notice Stat Desc:  INITIATE Prior Notice: 
Subject:  Operations Planning Report, Annual 2017
Notice Text:

Pursuant to section 16.2 of its Operating Statement, Kinder Morgan Keystone Gas Storage LLC (“KGS”) will be conducting annual regulatory and operational station maintenance starting on April 18, 2017 and continuing through April 20, 2017.  This maintenance is to ensure the continued safe and reliable operations of the facility.  During the maintenance period, no injections or withdrawals will be supported. 

If you should have any questions, please contact us at the numbers below:

Any questions may be directed to Marcus Stewart at 719-520-4818.  Any scheduling questions may be directed to John Driscoll III at 1-800-238-3764 Option 2

Thank you for your assistance during this storage field maintenance,

Bill McMillan
Manager, CIG Gas Control
Kinder Morgan Western Pipelines